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South Battery, Charleston, South Carolina

Teksti kortissa: The beautiful homes along South Battery are an elegant mixture of architectural designs. 20 South Battery was built in 1843 by Samuel N. Stevens, a prosperous factor. It was remodeded and enlarged in 1870 in Second Empire style for Col. Richard Lathers, a millionaire cotton broker, banker, insurance executive and railroad director. 22 South Battery, Italianate in design, was built in 1858 for Nathaniel Russell Middleton, a planter. The home at 24 South Battery is the western half of an 18th century double tenement. The Georgian style home at 8 South Battery was built in 1768 by Thomas Savage. It was later purchased by Col. William Washington, kinsman of George Washington. The Italian Villa style mansion at 26 South Battery was built in 1853 for Col. Algernon Sydney Ashe. The home features arcades and bracketed cornices. The home at 28 South Battery is a stuccoed brick villa built by George S. Cook, the noted photographer, in 1860.


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